Wasim Shaikh

I would like to thank the staff for the meetings, entertainment and activities conducted at Vishranti so that patients get out of their worries and enjoy their bit. My mother did not need chemotherapy, but for Radiation Therapy also we got support from Vishranti which was unbelievable. You are doing a wonderful job to help and support needy people like us and take our blessings.

Wasim Shaikh (son of patient Nasera Shaikh)

Vandana Gaikwad

In our difficult time, you have provided us support that even our family members have not offered. When we are at Vishranti, we feel we are home. When my mother was detected with cancer, we were so frightened, but being at Vishranti we feel prepared to face the road ahead.” (Translated from Marathi)

Vandana Gaikwad (daughter of patient Shakuntala Gaikwad)

Nanda Kapoor

I am very happy to say that the service provided by the CIMS doctors is excellent. They never leave any leaf unturned to help the patients like me who has lost all hope, they really show light in the darkness.

Nanda Kapoor (patient under care)

Maruti Ghalake

My mother and I felt like we are with family, that is the kind of affection that the staff of Vishranti provides, in fact I feel that they are more than family. (Translated from Marathi)

Maruti Ghalake (son of patient Draupati Ghalake)

Donita Spitz

It’s really a good support mentally to have the team of CIMS visiting my husband, he can talk to them frankly about all he goes through.

Donita Spitz (wife of patient Trevor Spitz)

Arjun Bhatia

There is a positive vibe here which keeps patients willing to fight cancer and be cured.

Arjun Bhatia (son of patient Madhu Bhatia)

Leena Kaley

Vishranti means rest. I would like to say that it really gives mental, physical, emotional rest and reassurance to person.

Leena Kaley (patient under care)

Vaishali Rekhe

In our view, the team of doctors and nurses are angels as their arrival encourages and makes the patient happy.

Vaishali Rekhe (daughter of patient Uma Wagh)