Cantreat (Free chemotherapy and radiation(outsourced))

Many of the patients who came to Vishranti in advanced stages of cancer would have benefited had they taken timely treatment. This inaction may have taken place due to ignorance or non-availability of resources for expensive treatment. Project CANTREAT was conceptualized to address this need. CIMS has been providing free chemotherapy since February 2013 to women with specific cancers, namely Ca Breast, Ca Cervix and Ovarian Cancer with good prognosis who would benefit with timely treatment. Even if the life of a young mother is mitigated by five to ten years by providing chemotherapy, this would greatly help her small children to stand on their feet.

We provide Chemotherapy drugs to the Command Hospital for treating some cases of blood cancers in small children and provide support to Bone Marrow Transplants (in case of non entitled civilian children) at the Command Hospital. Free Radiation Therapy is provided to cases of Ca Cervix and Head & Neck cancers by outsourcing at the other existing Radiation Therapy Centres.

At present, we are able to provide free chemotherapy to an average of ten patients registered every month. During the year 2015-2016 we have provided free chemotherapy to 96 women. We also give free chemotherapy to young male patients suffering from head and neck cancer who are from the lower socio-economic sections.

Feedback From Family Members Of Patients Benefited From Chemotherapy/Radiation

Arjun Bhatia

There is a positive vibe here which keeps patients willing to fight cancer and be cured.

Arjun Bhatia (son of patient Madhu Bhatia)

Maruti Ghalake

My mother and I felt like we are with family, that is the kind of affection that the staff of Vishranti provides, in fact I feel that they are more than family. (Translated from Marathi)

Maruti Ghalake (son of patient Draupati Ghalake)

Wasim Shaikh

I would like to thank the staff for the meetings, entertainment and activities conducted at Vishranti so that patients get out of their worries and enjoy their bit. My mother did not need chemotherapy, but for Radiation Therapy also we got support from Vishranti which was unbelievable. You are doing a wonderful job to help and support needy people like us and take our blessings.

Wasim Shaikh (son of patient Nasera Shaikh)