VISHRANTI – Respite & in-patient care centre

To extend the concept of ‘Home Care’ and to provide in-patient care to get difficult symptoms under control through a short duration admission. The Palliative Care Centre VISHRANTI, a fifteen-bedded hospital was set up in February 2009. It provides free in-patient care to the patients suffering from advanced cancer.

It provides respite to the care givers/ family members during inpatient care when a patient still has a reasonable amount of residual life with all systems working. By admitting the patient to Vishranti the family members are spared from anxiety. The centre provides care for symptom relief/ obstruction pain and sends back the patients to their homes with the encouragement that our home care programs would continue to support them with professional care at home. All this effort is provided at Hospital Vishranti totally free of cost which includes admissions/ investigations, 24 x 7 nursing & supportive care, diet, stay, guidance/ advice, etc.  At this Hospital, patients’ families are explained that  “It is not about dying, but seizing every moment of life with the spirit of living”.

Our home care program SATSEVA and inpatient care VISHRANTI form a unique combination of services complimentary to each other.

A value system amongst the hospital staff has been inculcated to respect the sentiments of the grieving family members and provide them with all the necessary support.

VISHRANTI is a  “Low Tech Hospital with High Touch”

Feedback From Family Members Of Patients Benefited Through Home Care and Vishranti

Vandana Gaikwad

In our difficult time, you have provided us support that even our family members have not offered. When we are at Vishranti, we feel we are home. When my mother was detected with cancer, we were so frightened, but being at Vishranti we feel prepared to face the road ahead.” (Translated from Marathi)

Vandana Gaikwad (daughter of patient Shakuntala Gaikwad)

Nanda Kapoor

I am very happy to say that the service provided by the CIMS doctors is excellent. They never leave any leaf unturned to help the patients like me who has lost all hope, they really show light in the darkness.

Nanda Kapoor (patient under care)

Donita Spitz

It’s really a good support mentally to have the team of CIMS visiting my husband, he can talk to them frankly about all he goes through.

Donita Spitz (wife of patient Trevor Spitz)

Leena Kaley

Vishranti means rest. I would like to say that it really gives mental, physical, emotional rest and reassurance to person.

Leena Kaley (patient under care)

Vaishali Rekhe

In our view, the team of doctors and nurses are angels as their arrival encourages and makes the patient happy.

Vaishali Rekhe (daughter of patient Uma Wagh)