Dr. Madhuri, one of the Founder Trustees of the organization, is a graduate of Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad and an Anesthesiologist by qualification…

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NS Nyayapathi

A mechanical engineer by profession, Colonel (Retd) Nyayapathi served the Indian Army in the Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers…

Colonel Nyayapathi awarded Pune Hero by Pune Mirror

Dr. Madhuri, one of the Founder Trustees of the organization, is a graduate of Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad and an Anesthesiologist by qualification. She has greatly contributed and been instrumental in choosing and defining the Objects of the Trust. During the early stages of inception in 1993, Dr. Madhuri pioneered and structured the Cancer Education Program of the organization which involved screening and education of women in urban slums and rural areas by communicating a positive message that “Cancer is curable if detected early” in a majority of cases specific to India.

The dedication and the value system with which the unique patient outreach program SATSEVA was launched in the mid nineties with a high level of commitment, was by none other than one of our Founder Members, Dr. Madhuri. By the end of 1994, she started a new chapter in Palliative care of the country by out reaching cancer patients at home. Thus started the Home Care Program of the organisation whereby advanced stage Cancer patients in and around the city of Pune greatly benefited from the services being rendered right at their doorstep. Not only did Dr. Madhuri alleviate the physical pain of needy cancer patients, she provided the much needed succor by holding their hand and listening to what they had to say, the psychosocial aspect of palliative care which is mostly forgotten by many a doctor, an alien concept in these days of commercial equations.

As the patients started increasing, more doctors were recruited and trained for providing palliative care. In the year 2004, Dr Madhuri volunteered to start a pain management centre at Mumbai and she was offered OPD space by KJ Somaiya Hospital at Sion. She started practicing her skills of pain relief at Mumbai with many patients becoming the beneficiaries.

Every crest has its own down side sadly; Dr Madhuri was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2005 and she fell back to Pune for her treatment. The concern of cancer of patients and their families for her recovery was heartening and their enquiries and prayers were overwhelming in nature. After treatment, she refused to stay unoccupied. She resumed her efforts in the April of 2006 to outreach patients at Village Phaltan in Baramati which is two and a half hours drive from Pune. During this period she formulated the establishment of Hospital Vishranti and wrote papers relevant to pain management and a new concept of critical care which is put to test at Vishranti Hospital, another project of the organisation.

Dr. Madhuri has carried on this work relentlessly; come rain or shine, nothing has deterred her from reaching out to a patient whenever the need arises. The saga of her efforts for over a decade and half to mitigate pain and suffering has few parallels. She has set a legendary example of what a doctor can do for the patients through her missionary commitment.

A mechanical engineer by profession, Colonel (Retd) Nyayapathi served the Indian Army in the Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. He took premature retirement after a service of two and half decades consequent to the death of his mother due to cancer. Some sensitivity touched a raw nerve while he was attending to his mother during her last days. He went about searching for answers visiting USA and UK during the year 1992. Many Indian doctors and friends in USA advised him to take up preventive and early detection strategies and if possible to venture into the field of palliative care, then a relatively new concept in India.

After taking a few months to formulate an organization with specific objects, he incorporated CARE India Medical Society in Feb 1993. It was an uphill task mainly due to limited resources and poor awareness levels in the community regarding early detection and prevention of cancers as well as the concept of palliative care. Having overcome numerous hurdles, NS Nyayapathi’s steadfast perseverance facilitated the formation of India’s first Home Care Program for Cancer patients in 1994. He, along with his wife Dr. Madhuri Kavoori, faced all odds to get the organization steady on its feet.

NS Nyayapathi’s courage of his convictions has carried him from a single table space that he was offered by a well-wisher in the early days to where he has brought the organization presently – a 3 storeyed building that houses the VISHRANTI Hospital, a place that is providing shelter to poor and needy cancer patients. It is indeed a long journey for this founder trustee who never has turned down the call of a needy cancer patient, his helping hand having touched many a life.

Having a vision is one thing; working towards making that vision into a reality is not always achievable by all. NS Nyayapathi has proven time and again that relentless pursuance of one’s vision does indeed yield results. It is entirely due to his belief in hard work and his empathetic outlook towards the poor and needy sections of the community that the organization has grown to its present stature, respected by the most respected and supported by eminent philanthropic institutions and individuals.

Words are inadequate to describe the long passage that this founder trustee has walked in developing the organization. One can only take the help of a famous quote – “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives”. NS Nyayapathi has most definitely impacted many lives; the patients who have been the beneficiaries would strongly vouch for that.