Brig P Ganesham

A place humanity and divinity coexists. The biggest curse for humans “The Pain” is managed here with Samvedna. It’s a place all humans to visit and learn. Must visit for the children. My heartfelt regards to the staff and management.

Brig P Ganesham

Varsha Manohar

Full many a gem of purest ray serene
The dark unfathomed caves of the ocean bear…
Vishranti Hospital in Bhawani Peth is one such place where the head bows instinctively just seeing
the selfless service and dedication of the Trustees and staff. My very best wishes for furthering this wonderful project.

Varsha Manohar

Dr. P N N Iyer

I feel very blessed to have visited Vishranti. It is very heartening to know that a very dedicated team of Army veterans put in all their effo,rts so selflessly towards such loving care of the unfortunate cancer affected. Everything from the systems, admin, medical attention, clinical support and collaboration with the Military Hospital is done with military discipline and visionary zeal. Needless to say the fiscal prudence and audit trail are exemplary. Regards to all at Vishranti. God bless.

Dr. P N N Iyer, Economist

Chandrika Murthy

What a noble initiative and care towards our co-humans. A rarity these days even to give a smile to a person……I am so grateful GOD to have visited this “Heaven on Earth” for those who are deprived of even basic facilities. I would like to contribute in a small way. Salute CIMS!!!

Chandrika Murthy

Maj Gen Madhuri Kanitkar

Seeing is believing and spending time at this wonderful hospital has been a moving experience even for the doctor in me. God bless the patients and the dedicated team caring for them.

Maj Gen Madhuri Kanitkar

Shrimati Sankla

Shrimati Sankla

Mr. Shashi-Kapoor

Mr. Shashi-Kapoor, Patron

Mr. Pendharkar

Mr. Pendharkar - CA

Mr. Chordia


Justice Bannurmath

Former Chief Justice, Karnal High Court

Dr. PB Desai

Dr. PB Desai, President Board of Trustees Care India Medical Society

Lt Gen S M Mehta (Retd)

It was a very moving experience to see the patient care in Vishranti in CIMS. You people are messengers of God who are doing a great service to humanity. This is one of the most well run and managed facilities in the country and compassion for the patients is exemplary.

Lt Gen S M Mehta (Retd), The Hans Foundation, Delhi

Dr. Kaizer Kamble

Bringing hope to hopeless people done with such dignity. India should be proud of this institution and all the dedicated people top to bottom. I have no words to express my admiration to this great effort.

Dr. Kaizer Kamble, MD, New York

Harmala Gupta

I feel privileged to visit your excellent facility. It is a model for all of us who work in palliative care in India.

Harmala Gupta, CANSUPPORT, Delhi

Meher Pudumjee

It exudes passion, care, love, cleanliness, excellent healthcare – all wrapped into one.

Meher Pudumjee, Chairperson Thermax Ltd.