“Sharing Thoughts – Pain” By NS Nyayapathi

“Pain is a brilliant biological creation of the Almighty to enable the living beings to survive a hostile world”. Evolution has gifted Pain as an alerting indicator of damage of impending disease process and it prompts to take up remedial measures.

Pain has no language. Pain is a biological phenomenon while the experience of pain remains uniquely as one’s own perception. Pain beyond pain threshold is experienced and expressed as “Suffering”. Cancer pain is one such pain, which is experienced in excruciating form, brings misery especially in terminal stages of the disease and grinds down the spirit of living.

World Health Organisation (WHO) advocates “Relief from Cancer pain merits consideration as a human right”.

“Alleviation of Pain & Human Suffering – Our Endeavour” as our vision, we at CARE India conceived many a projects and implemented them over a decade towards this ideology. SATSEVA for delivering palliative care right at the patient’s door step, health maintenance program MATRUSEVA to early detect and treat cancers specific to women in lower sections of the society, screening men over 55 years of age for prostate disorders, spreading cancer awareness to safeguard the next generation and the underprivileged women with high risk factors from becoming victims of cancer are some of our human endeavours.

Being aware of human limitations all around us, we do hope our efforts would mitigate pain of a few people – for some time – to some extent at least.

Humbled by coming across a large number of cancer patients with treatment failures, becoming helpless and silent spectators of frequent deaths of terminally ill patients under care, sharing grief with the bereaved families and counseling them to get back to main stream of life, we do need support from eminent people to carry forward our human endeavour.

NS Nyayapathi
Founder Trustee