Our Vision

Care India Medical Societyis a unique public charitable trust incorporated at Pune in February 1993. The trust is providing a social support system to the community in preventive, early detection and terminal care aspects of cancer control management

Headed by Dr. Prafulla B Desai, former Director Tata Memorial Hospital, and with support from Patrons Mr. Shashi Kapoor and Dr. Mehru Jal Mehta, the organization has been working relentlessly in the field of cancer, especially in the alleviation of pain and human suffering and in providing highly subsidized services to the poor and needy through their institutions SATSEVA and MATRUSEVA.

On 13th June 1993, a Cancer Education and Early Detection Centre (CEED) was started focusing on cancer prevention through public education and early detection through mass screening. In a country like India where preventable forms of cancer such as cancer cervix and oral cavity cancers account for a major area of cancer management, cancer prevention through public education and early detection through mass screening are the only effective means of saving lives.

On 1st December 1994 our Patient Outreach Programme SATSEVA was launched as a service based on the concept of home care. This was the first of its kind in India with doctors outreaching the patients at home for providing free palliative care to the needy cancer patients, right at their doorstep.

Our Health Maintenance Programme MATRUSEVA was established on 1st August 1998 in order to provide services for women from lower socio-economic sections of society who are sexually active or acquired motherhood. The clinic provides highly subsidized treatment for common health disorders to the target population and free screening of diseases that require high cost treatment such as cancer, tuberculosis etc. A sub-centre of SATSEVA was started at Barshi on 1st January 1999 as a rural outreach programme in cooperation with the Nargis Dutt Memorial Cancer Hospital.

In September 1999, in keeping with our commitment to the underprivileged, we started a program to provide free health care to support the female inmates of Yeravda Prison. Our gynaecologist from MATRUSEVA is visiting the female ward at the Yerawada prisons once a week to examine the female inmates and treat them for health problems specific to women. The Hb count, which was earlier at an average of 8 among the female inmates, has now improved to 11 among most of them. They are now better off with vaginal infections well controlled and their other ailments well attended to.

In a bid to make pathology investigations available at a very reasonable price to the poor, MATRUSEVA Pathology Laboratory was opened in the premises of the MATRUSEVA clinic on 1st January 2000. By this, we are able to provide pathology investigations at 40% of the cost in the market.

The “Critical Cancer Palliative Care Centre VISHRANTI is providing inpatient care during panic situations where a patient still has a reasonable amount of residual life with all systems working. The center provides intensive care for symptom relief/ obstruction pain and send back the patients to their homes with the encouragement that our home care programs would continue to support them with professional care at home.

All this effort is provided at Hospital VISHRANTI totally free of cost which includes admissions / investigations, 24 x 7 nursing & supportive care, diet, stay, guidance/ advice etc.